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  • Role Product Designer
  • Client  Nudo, AU (under the umbrella of
  • Year 2021
My Role
User Interface
User Experience

Nudo, which is based in Australia, is a top wedding planning service. It is a one-stop shop that helps couples create beautiful events and moments.

I was first asked to work on their internal tool. Nudo wanted to move away from being dependent on Microsoft Office, so they asked me to make a tool for their planners that would make their jobs easier and be with them at every step of their clients' meetings. The project's goals were met in full, and Nudo asked me to take on another one: making an online tool for their clients where they can see everything that has been planned, keep an eye on the budget, and change things like the flowers or seating arrangements whenever they want.

Project One

Helping planners plan.

I started this project with Sam Hardy, who is the Head of Design at Obodo. Together, we looked at Nudo's documents to see what could be turned into an app and how. After this, there was a quick wireframing session, and then I worked on making the best possible experience for the users. I did this by working on both the user interface and a prototype of it for validation and user testing at the same time.

Project Two

Power to the people.

Shortly after completing the prior project, Nudo contacted me and asked me to design a second application for them. This time, they wanted me to create a portal for their customers, where they would be able to view every detail of what had been planned for them, as well as keep an eye on the budget. It also included a calendar for their meeting and the ability to make changes on their own, such as selecting menus for their guests or rearranging seating arrangements.

3 months later

Happily ever after.

In a time frame of three months, we went from concept through testing to handing over to the development team for both products. Nudo received also a small but well-planned design system ready to alleviate the hardships of development and get it ready for whatever the future held.


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