Concierge' concierge
for homemoving.

  • Role Lead Product Designer
  • Client  MoveEasy, US (under the umbrella of
  • Year 2021
My Role
User Interface
User Experience

Top real estate agencies like Berkshire Hathaway, Realty One Group, and Century 21 rely on MoveEasy for all of their clients' relocation and property management needs.

I was given the challenge of designing a new platform for their concierges, which was to be a daily tool that would assist them with day-to-day activities, monitor their objectives and progress, and provide assistance in the form of adaptable call scripts while they were speaking to customers.


Quick access to information is essential.

MoveEasy representatives (concierges) have several responsibilities during the day; for example, they may be on the phone assisting a customer in choosing a moving company or a cable provider for their new house, and then they may have to switch gears to review the monthly objective. Since this is a personalized service, it was essential that the system provide access to the client's data and completed tasks. That's why I suggested a highly flexible layout that included a "focus mode" where users may toggle the visibility of everything but the most crucial elements with a single mouse click.

3 months later

The script has been executed perfectly.

This was a very fast-paced project that required support for a large number of unique user scenarios; consequently, I began prototyping simultaneously with the creation of the user interface on day one. This strategy was helpful in validating ideas in a short amount of time and testing them with stakeholders and users in a frictionless environment. Within two months, a full responsible desktop experience (the app is being utilized in an internal corporate environment) was designed, tested, and delivered to the development team.


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