Tailor-made approach

for your next perfect shirt.

  • Role Product Designer
  • Client  Every Interaction, UK
  • Year 2018
My Role
User Interface
User Experience

Apposta is an online e-commerce tailor that creates the perfect shirt for each customer by combining their unique measurements and personality with Italian craftsmanship.

Apposta needed to completely revamp their shopping experience almost immediately after changing their name from Neronote to Apposta. Apposta is an e-commerce platform where users can buy ready-to-wear shirts, but more importantly, can choose a perfect design starting from the fabric and finishing with such details as cuffs, monograms, or adding a coordinated handkerchief.

Project kick-off

Initial concepts.

I started off by conducting a series of design explorations in fast succession. We (I was working with Jon Darke, Head of Design at Every Interactive), had originally intended to go for a more traditional appearance; however, after consulting with the customer, we decided to go in a route that was marginally more contemporary.

Shirts’ creator

Select every single detail.

The most important aspect of this store was the "creator of your perfect shirt", which is a multi-step process that allows customers to select the fabric (from over 150 different models), choose the desired fit, sleeve length, collar type, and other minor details such as the type of pocket, cuffs, stitching, and inserts. After making this pick, you will be presented with a comprehensive set of measures to ensure that the shirt will have the ideal fit. Users have the option of either saving multiple preset measures in order to ease the process, or just customizing one of the standard sizes.

Designing a store

Off the rack as well.

The Shirts Creator was just one part of the task; I also developed a comprehensive shopping experience for Apposta customers. Everything from previews of collections and product pages to shopping carts and frequently asked questions pages, as well as company and contact sites, and even a blog are all included in the website.

2 months later

Crafted perfectly.

In a span of just two months, the Apposta e-commerce platform received a comprehensive makeover and was ready for development. I was successful in improving both the appearance and the usability of their store. The customers absolutely adored the new experience, which resulted in a 38% increase in monthly revenue.


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